Here Goes Nothing


                            Photogenic Proof that Rachel and I are Friends

“Hey, we should do a blog together.”

That was Rachel, this blog was Rachel’s idea from the beginning. Earlier in the afternoon we had met up to have cake and tea. It was the end of summer, and university was just starting up for both of us. Our conversations had ranged from what we did over the summer to books we have read and then to blogging. She wanted to do a blog, so did I. Hence the first sentence. For the first few minutes, I didn’t take her seriously but then she kept on mentioning it, saying that we should do it. After a while, I reluctantly agreed to meet up with her solely to talk about this potential blog that we were possibly going to do. I said that it was to get an idea of what we would write, the vision if you will.  It was mostly for me. I had wanted to blog before. I tried blogging once (I just didn’t tell anyone…but hey at least I tried). I needed the time though to think about what I would write and why (you can tell that I am an incredibly impulsive person…).

One week later, I went to Rachel’s house. We drank tea with soy milk (which wasn’t as disgusting as I thought it would be), ate chocolate chip cookies, biscuits, and apples. After that feast, we began to brainstorm. We talked about the things that we would write about, we talked about the vision we had, and we thought of the title of the blog. At that point we were stuck. We ended up sitting on Rachel’s floor, listening to Switchfoot, eating cookies, and trying to think of a title.

“Hey, what about this one?” I said.


“One, not two…” I paused for dramatic effect.

“Uh…” she looked like she was trying hard not to laugh, “you mean, like, we’re married? ‘The two become one flesh?'”

“Uh yes of course.” I rolled my eyes at her. “No! I mean like we are one in Christ. I mean no matter what we do, what we write, we still have that bond that Jesus is the foundation of our lives. That is what our friendship is based on, so our friendship  will last, well hopefully.”

“Yeah, yeah okay. I get that.”

We didn’t necessarily agree on that title that day but that was what we decided on ultimately. Working on this blog has been exciting as well as terrifying, not to mention revealing. So far we’ve learned a lot about each other from this. When my laptop stopped working, Rachel has probably just realised how stressed I get, to me learning that Rachel hates parentheses (apparently it looks ugly or something like that) and Rachel is just perhaps seeing how annoying I can be (hehehehehe).  Where this will go and how long it will last I have no idea, but here we are, doing this anyways. So to conclude this story, here goes nothing.

4 thoughts on “Here Goes Nothing

  1. How do I get your blog (and hey… I also, like ( ) and I do … and also a lot!). I would love to join in the fun and also, in the sharing of ideas. And, if I can also, annoy someone as special as either of you two (or you one…) then so much the better. Rachel does the abundant use of (!) ever annoy you? Just wondering… 🙂


  2. i don’t usually comment on things like these.. But this was really well written and caught my attention. I’m not sure where it’s going but I hope the journey is as good as the start


    1. Thanks Anon! To be honest I’m not sure if either of us know where this is going haha (still in the early days) but if you want, if you go to the home page and look at ‘Our Vision’ page then you’ll probably get a better idea of what we are about. 🙂 – Savvy


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