Confession: I’m Not A Great Listener

Yes it is true, I am not a great listener. Which surprises most people when I tell them this. Maybe because I’m more of a quiet person so people just assume that I’m good at listening because I don’t talk a lot (that is, if I don’t know you). However that is a stereotype, so I am doing my bit by breaking down stereotypes by admitting that I’m not a good listener. I’m sorry, I just like to say my own opinion always, because I’m right every single time duh (Warning: Sarcasm deployed).

Earlier this week I was reading through the book of Ecclesiastes (one of my favorite books in the Bible, though I always forget how depressing it actually is before I start reading it) and this verse stuck out at me.

” Guard your step when you go to the house of God. To draw near to listen is better than to offer the sacrifices of fools, for they do not know that they do evil.” – Ecclesiastes 5:1 (ESV) ( emphasis mine)

I winced when I read this verse and now I have that phrase stuck in my head ‘to draw near to listen is better..’ What does it mean to listen? To me it reminded me of the word ‘wait’ and ‘waiting on the Lord’.  It reminded me of how I really need to seek Jesus, not just to talk to Him and tell of him all of my troubles and struggles, but also to take the time to listen because I do believe that Jesus wants to speak to me, just sometimes I’m not willing to listen. Sometimes I’m just too ‘busy’ to stop watching BBC shows to take the time to sit and wait on the Lord. Sometimes I forget about Jesus, sometimes I ignore Him. It’s not always on purpose but it’s just because I’m too focused on me and what I want to do at that moment in time.

Life isn’t about me, and let me say something really honest to you whoever you are reading this, life isn’t about you.

In the end I am becoming more and more convinced that all that matters is what our reaction to this truth, whether we’ll ignore Him or whether we’ll listen to Him. The truth is this; God doesn’t need us. Why would He need us when He can do anything with just the flick of his fingers? But the truth is this, He wants us. He created us so He can have a relationship with us. The Bible says that we are precious to Him. So often I am guilty of ignoring Jesus but Jesus does not ignore me. He is always mindful of me and knows exactly what I’m thinking and what I am going through.

What is your reaction?

I know what I want my reaction to be.  I want my reaction to be simple, to love and serve Jesus always and being willing to follow, to trust, and to listen to Him.

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