The Litter-bug and The Hipster

(photo credit: Jess‘s camera but I think I stole her camera this time and took this can kind of tell by the blurriness)

Two things to know about me, firstly I really love my coffee and secondly sometimes I do stupid things without thinking about them. However I’m getting ahead of myself.

At the start of the school year, Mum, my sister Brooke, and I were out in the city, doing errands and getting notebooks and ring binders for Brooke who just started doing A-levels. Since it was an important occasion (and I really wanted coffee), I suggested that we go to my favorite hipster coffee-shop (which shall remain nameless) to celebrate.

That was when we saw Rachel and her housemate wandering around in the city and we stopped to say hi. Rachel was holding a cup of coffee and she instantly held it out to me saying,

“here’s some coffee. I bought it forgetting that I actually don’t like coffee.”

“Yay!” I took a sip of the coffee.

It tasted like a crappy cup of coffee (“it is a crappy cup of coffee” “no it’s the world’s best cup of coffee!!” Elf, anyone?)

I could not finish it at all. So I stood there for a few minutes only paying half attention to the conversation while I looked around for a rubbish bin. I couldn’t see one anywhere. We said our goodbyes to Rachel and her housemate and then Mum and Brooke hurried ahead of me. I could see my favorite coffee-shop out of the corner of my eye, the delicious coffee smell was beckoning me to come in.

“Wait for me! I need to get rid of this coffee!” I said, starting to get desperate. However they are my family so they went on without me. I looked around, I could not see any rubbish bins but there were some stools out in front of the coffee-shop. I didn’t really think about it. I just put the cup on stool and started to walk towards that lovely coffee-shop to get some good coffee (no judging).


I nearly had a heart attack. I saw this guy through the window, glaring at me, his fist on the glass still. I could feel the judgement being piled on meFrowning at me, he points to the cup of coffee and mouths out something, Get this piece of filth away from our precious coffee that we roast and grind by ourselves ( Warning, dramatization). I practically ran towards that cup of coffee and searched for a good few minute to find a rubbish bin, fuming. Stupid hipster, though I was uncomfortably aware of my litter-bug status. Once I threw that coffee away, I slowly walked over to the coffee-shop where Mum and Brooke were at. I saw the guy at the back of the coffee-shop, his arms crossed and he shook his head at the sight of me. All at once I recognized him as one of the barista (I go to this coffee-shop a lot). He said from across the room.

“We’re always watching.” Cue all of the people in the coffee-shop turning to look at me.

I had never been so humiliated in all of my life.

“Yeah, yeah I’m properly ashamed now.” I said, rolling my eyes, pretending that I didn’t care. I still had my pride. I went to where my sister and mum were. We ordered our coffee and sat inside. I refused to make eye-contact with that hipster-barista. I was subtlety turning my head away from his direction, pretending that nothing had happened. It was even worse though when he gave me my latte. I couldn’t even look at my coffee.

“oh look there’s a heart on your latte!” Mum said, “I think you’re forgiven.”

Actually it looked more like a cabbage than a heart but the guy awkwardly patted my shoulder and at the same time said

“uhh enjoy your coffee”

I finally made eye-contact, swallowed my pride and said thank-you for the coffee.

I haven’t been back there yet. Oh don’t get me wrong, I still recommend this place. I’m waiting though till everyone who works there forgets about me before I go back to order my usual latte.


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