Let’s keep it simple, Merry Christmas

Many things can ruin Christmas. The dark and short days seem appropriate for the type of year we have had. Violence, uncertainty, fear, and the unknown can creep in underneath all of the bright lights, families coming together, and choirs of people singing of a baby born a long time ago who was meant to save all of mankind from their sins. Maybe you go … Continue reading Let’s keep it simple, Merry Christmas

the Secular World

Take God out of the equation. The first time I felt like I had a grasp on this concept of the Secular World was when I learned about the Purity Myth, first a book by feminist blogger Jessica Valenti and eventually projected into documentary form.  In this multi-layered, political discussion, I extracted a theme: a woman’s purity is not defined by her sexual conduct.  Valenti … Continue reading the Secular World

Lipstick Face

There were ten minutes to spare before I was obligated to leave the house.  My mind shuffled through the people I would see that day, and then the people I might see that day, calculating the likelihood of an encounter for each individual before measuring up how much I valued their perception of me.  Seminar tutor?  Dr. Bike?  My former-potential housemate’s best friend’s coursemate’s brother? … Continue reading Lipstick Face