I qualify for a ‘churched’ kid. I was gradually conditioned from Day 1 to believe in God and it feels like it’ll take a paradigm shift to get me to unbelieve it.  I guess that makes me churched.  And like most churched kids, my ‘testimony’ is the clichéd learning-to-own-my-faith story, as in I eventually adopted my family’s faith sincerely as my own. Unsurprisingly, that transformation … Continue reading God-and-Me

This Side of Heaven

Exactly a year from now, my best friend from high school and I had an innocent, wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration.  We hunkered down at her Chicago apartment – the skyscraper view from her floor-to-ceiling window was breathtaking – gorged ourselves on snacks, and watched Camp Rock, Mean Girls, and Heathers, the mean-girl characters getting progressively grimmer with each movie.  Moments before the stroke of … Continue reading This Side of Heaven