Our World is Not a One-Man Show

Children are my favorite. I have grown up surrounded by children. I work as a Nanny so I look after kids for a living. I come back home to see more kids because my mum is a childminder, and I even study child psychology on the side. I am literally surrounded by all things child-related and I love it.

A few Sundays ago I watched a video about a ‘Christian’ village (in where 99% of the population are Christian) in South-West China. There are about 70 families in this relatively small and ordinary village. The thing that was extraordinary to me about this village was the fact that about 53 of these families are fostering 166 children.

The work that Care for Children does (and no, this is not sponsored guys- I’m speaking from the heart here so shush) by placing children into foster homes instead of orphanages is an incredibly important issue for me. Here is the thing; being raised in an institution is not good. Children who do not grow in families (or have a secure attachment) have serious repercussions in the future in terms of development, mental and physical health. The fact that some children around the world grow up lonely, alone, sick, hungry, starving for affection, makes my stomach churn.

So what does that have to do with you? What does this have to do with me? I had asked myself the same thing when I decided that I had to write about this, I had to ask myself how should this affect me?

Our world is not a one-man show. This thought came to my head as I pondered about millions of children who I will never meet or hear about. Not everyone is called to foster or adopt. Most of you reading this probably won’t adopt or foster and that’s okay because that is not for everyone. If I’m honest, watching the video and hearing about this village made me ask myself ‘when was the last time I looked at somebody other than myself and choose to serve them first instead of me?’

I look around and I see selfishness, selfishness in me and in others. I see comfortable indifference towards the poor, the lonely, the vulnerable, and the faceless millions of people who need help. I see it in others, but I also see it in myself. I’m getting sick of the fact that I see it in me. I am becoming more and more convinced that hope for change and for a better world doesn’t lie with us singular. We need us plural. We need Someone beyond ourselves, something beyond our human brokenness.

I’m wanting to start with small steps. Start with what I see, lonely people, anxious children and young people, and the homeless huddled into sleeping bags as I walk to catch my bus. This is reality for some, but this doesn’t have to be reality, if we are willing to do something. I once heard a preacher say, passion must translate into action. I want to live that way.

My world is not a one-man show.





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