New Feminism

                                   Poster made in 1909 designed by Hilda Dallas ( poster via pinterest)

Two years ago I listened to Emma Watson’s UN speech about the HeforShe campaign and I was impressed. Lately I’ve seen a rise in popularity for feminism, something that I like to call ‘new feminism’, which has intrigued me a lot.

I believe in women’s rights as in I believe that women should be paid equally as men. I believe that girls around the world should have equal opportunity for education. I believe that women should be treated with the same respect as given to men. I believe in these rights because I see them as human rights. In many ways I respect this wave of what I call ‘new feminism’. I think Watson’s speech brought a new and fresh meaning to feminism, addressed some issues, and clarified the definition of feminism. I didn’t necessarily agree with everything that was said in Watson’s speech or with what she said about feminism but I can respect it.

You see, I believe in women’s rights but I don’t think myself as a feminist because I am not an activist of women’s rights. I think that yes all women should experience these rights but that is not my main concern.

I don’t want to be necessarily be identified as a feminist because that’s not where my passion lies.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this is okay and this is why.

Not everyone is going to be passionate about the same thing. If we are lucky, we find like-minded people to collaborate and work towards these same goals but sometimes people aren’t passionate about what you are passionate about. That’s okay because this is how things get done. If we were all passionate about the same things then the other things wouldn’t get the same care and attention. Some of us are going to be more concerned about homelessness or raising our children to be good citizens or developing a foster-care system in other countries and that is okay because that is where our passion lies. What we are passionate for, that is where we work the hardest. That is where we are the most dedicated. We work the hardest when we are working at something we love, whether that is a job, a marriage, or in our attempts to make a better world. As long as we respect each other’s passion, we don’t need to be passionate about the same things. Besides we are all changing our world in our own way.


Also please feel free to comment below and tell me what your view is, whether you agree with me or think that what I’m saying is stupid ( just don’t call me stupid please because that may hurt my feelings- be nice). I still don’t know much about feminism so if you have any thoughts or views you would like to share, please do because I would love to hear it. 🙂 

2 thoughts on “New Feminism

  1. Here is an introduction to it. Feminists everywhere (right down to the professors) like to repeat the mantra that women earn 75 cents on the dollar. But men and women behave differently. Men tend to take more dangerous jobs, choose different professions and degrees, work longer hours, stay in a career for longer, and so on. Economists have statistical techniques with which they can account for these elements of personal choice, and the difference shrinks to about 3 percent, which is within error bars of zero. This is as anyone should expect from the nature of competition in free market capitalism.

    Openly noticing facts like that will often result in hostility, offense and outrage that you are giving the other “team” a point, in your reckless pursuit of truth. So we end up observing an obvious lie being repeated for decades, a lie which is prestigious and high-status to repeat, while people who notice the lie get into trouble.

    I could keep writing, but my point is that a lot of the world-fixing going on is actually destructive, and in many cases the people doing it really do not care that they might be breaking instead of building, their interest is purely in giving the appearance of world-fixing, and padding their own status by doing so. Maintaining this high status often requires seeing forces of oppression, villains to fight, and victims to support, which don’t actually exist.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to say your opinion. Can you send me some links to the information you gave me? I would like to look at these things for myself. Thanks 🙂 -Savvy


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