Authentic Words

I want to be completely honest with you guys so I have to tell you: I have terrible grammar. The reason that these blog posts look as relatively good as they do is because Rachel is an excellent editor who also tells me when my grammar is particularly bad. However my excellent editor is away in Edinburgh at the moment. If you find any grammatical mistakes, I am sorry.

Lately I have been thinking about communication. I have been thinking about how and why I communicate on paper. I have been wondering about writing and I have been wondering why is writing so important to me? I have been asking myself why I need to communicate the things that are important to me? Why is it so important to me to be authentic in my writing?

You see, I tend to focus more on the language itself and the content of my writing. You see, I want to write authentic words, about things that are honest and important. 

I think of a sermon that my Dad preached a few Sundays that was about communication. During the sermon, I wrote down a small note which kind-of answers my questions, ‘kind + authentic words have great potential.’

Words have more power than we know.

This is why I write. This is why I love writing. I love the idea that words can change our viewpoints, can help broaden our perspectives, can give us hope. I love words that speaks truth. I love authentic words.

I think of all of the words that are stuck in my head. The eleven-year-old me was bitter as I was forced to memorize a piece from the Declaration of Independence. ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights…” I remember my Mom looking over the list of names that signed the Declaration of Independence and tapping on one of the names, saying “that was my great-great-great-many-greats grandfather and if we had lost that war then he would have been killed as a traitor and we wouldn’t be here today.” Suddenly the words were stuck in my head, because the words were made personal, real and authentic. The words meant something to me now.

We communicate because this is our human desire; to express emotions, feelings, something that we find funny or important or meaningful.

As Easter approaches, I think of Jesus as a man, who He was, and how He communicated. He was authentic, genuine, and completely and utterly honest about who He was and what He was about. He was the one who died and rose again in order to communicate with us, to have a relationship with us. He wants to communicate to us about something bigger than ourselves. He was willing to give us Himself. Why do I want to communicate? I communicate because He first communicated with me. We communicate because He first communicated with us.

Kind + authentic words have great potential.


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