A Portrait of An Introvert

Photo by my friend Katie Dingman, who really needs to have her own Facebook page and become an artist already. Love you Katie. I collapse in bed from an internal breakdown. I’m introverting, as I like to call it. My sensory and emotional capacity went overload over the noise of loud music, boisterous laughter, and hum of conversations. University parties can be weird, fun at times but … Continue reading A Portrait of An Introvert

Christianity and Feminism (Part II)

A few weeks ago, when it was my turn to post a blog piece, I wrote on Feminist Theology and how Christians can be feminists by fighting sexism as a sinful tendency (find it here).  I was dancing on rainbows when readers commented with their thoughts and their challenges to the idea.  (Please, please, please keep doing that.) But I wondered why Christians get uncomfortable … Continue reading Christianity and Feminism (Part II)

Christian AND Feminist?

“I’m Christian, but I am a feminist.”  This is a statement made in Buzzfeed’s cringeworthy video, “I’m Christian, but I’m not…”  (Journalist Mollie Hemingway can explain why it’s cringeworthy here). Anyway, you don’t have to be a literature student to read that statement and realize its implications.  Being Christian—a follower of Christ—and a feminist—one who believes in equality of the sexes—can be surprising. Probably because of … Continue reading Christian AND Feminist?