The Right Kind of Self-Love

So Rachel, you confident girl, while you are off in Wales doing your amazing internship, I have been reading quotes such as these all over the social media world. Remember to love yourself first. The hardest thing to do is to learn to love yourself. Self-love is the greatest medicine.   After seeing many selfies on Instagram with the captions of ‘loving yourself’, I am beginning to get … Continue reading The Right Kind of Self-Love

Confident Girl

“Guys.” I bolt back out of my bedroom and call to my housemates. “My laptop’s gone.” So the last time it was my turn to post a blog, I wrote about my first week (first 3 days, really) in Cardiff, Wales and how it was an unpredictable, sometimes-fun-sometimes-overwhelming adventure. Well, the adventure didn’t end there. My two housemates and I linger in the room, my eyes … Continue reading Confident Girl

My 1st Week in Cardiff, Wales

So I got an internship in Cardiff, Wales for the month of June.  So far, so good. Day 1 It’s not over-packing when you brought a pot, pan, duvet, and basically anything you need to live in an empty house on your own.  I heave a massive, loaded suitcase, singing a song from Anastasia under my breath (“Heart, don’t fail me now.  Courage, don’t desert … Continue reading My 1st Week in Cardiff, Wales