The One about Christians and Politics

Photo by the jess mcghie, duh. 

23rd June, 2016

9:30 a.m.

So this morning, Britain have left the EU and David Cameron has resigned? And it’s only 9:30 in the morning! I listen as my sister and her friend who came over for a sleepover are giving me updates as they look at the news on their phones. I have never seen the British get so riled up about politics before. Usually all of my British friends just rant and complain about American politics to me (guns and Donald Trump-let’s not be afraid to say the T-word Rachel- mostly). Now they are complaining about their own politics instead of my country’s politics. So I’m excited to see what they thought of their own country for a change.

Then I go on Facebook and it all goes downhill from there. I remember too late, you never go on Facebook after anything political.  Facebook is the best place to keep up on the endless argument of who is right (because you know someone has to win this argument) and to have an angry rant. You can be flat-out rude and spread some hate-talk among the other voters with no consequences. The media (I’m looking at you, BBC) hasn’t helped. Their reaction is one of Doomsday; we are all going to die with the economy and leadership of this country going down the toilet.

I understand. A lot of my friends are worried. Things are going to change in the UK and at this point we don’t know what is going to happen. However, is that an excuse for us to hate on each other? To go on an angry rant? To say hurtful things about each other? Especially as Christians, since we are called to be like Christ. Would Jesus be complaining about the other voters and how stupid they are?

What is our role in politics, as Christians, as everyday citizens of our countries, what is our role in politics when it comes to voting and the issues of leaders? As individual Christians, it’s important to remember that though we are not of the world, we are still in the world. We were given a brain to think through these current issues and a voice to speak our conscience and in the Western world we are free to do so. You can and should have a say of who you would like to lead your country and what you would like to happen in your country.

But let me be really blunt here. We need to stop with these angry rants and this arrogant thinking that we are always right in our political opinion. As Christians, we are meant to show Christ through our lives. However, we do not show Christ when we imply that everyone who voted differently are ‘uneducated’ and therefore stupid and because we are educated, we are right. We do not show Christ when we gloat about our political victories at the expense of others.We do not show Christ when we fight and fall over something like politics. We do not show Christ if we shy away from opportunities to share our faith but then have no problem to share our political view. We too easily become more concerned about converting people to our own political opinion than showing and telling people life-changing truth.

Church,  may we instead put ourselves into other people’s shoes, make an conscious effort to listen,be humble enough to admit it when we find ourselves wrong, try  to stand for what we know is true and pray that we have wisdom to know what is true. Our politics have been polarizing us long enough. We are united because of Jesus and what He has done and nothing else. He is in control and He has a future and a hope for us and for the UK. Remember that, and oh don’t let the BBC get you down.


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