The One Where Rachel Leaves

Photo by Saraswathi Menon whose a pretty cool person.

Last days, there is a funny concept. I ponder on that as I turn on the car and reverse out of the drive away to go and pick up Rachel. I have a picnic planned and ready and I’m ready to show off my new and amazing driving skills.

“Why did I decide to drive down this road?” I say, mildly freaking out as I try to manueve my car to fit into a tight space on a small street with cars parked on both sides while a lady somewhat patiently waits for me to do my bit. I reverse a bit, Rachel jumps, gasps and says “oh crap!” and I stop immediately.

“What? What is it?”

“Nothing! Nothing! Sorry, that wasn’t nice, you didn’t hit anything, I just freaked, I’m sorry, it’s okay, you are all good, you are an excellent driver.”

5 minutes of this excellent maneuvering, the lady is finally able to get past and then Rachel and I can make it to the city. We eat our pasta salad, cookies, and kiwi and lime cider at the park in the warm sunshine with a happy glow. Last fun day with Rachel  but I avoid thinking about it here in the now.




We go to the park later to meet with my brother and Rachel’s boyfriend (who is, funny enough, the same person). I take gross but candid photos of them and Garrett shows me Pokemon Go. We meet up with some other great people, eat pizza, watch Harry Potter, and later on I drop them home but not without nearly crashing into my brother’s garage as attempt to reverse up a steep drive away, causing my passengers to have a mini freak-out which really did not help. That was the end of the last day. No more last fun day, time goes by too quick.




The funny thing about saying good-bye to people is that there is an art to it. You don’t dwell on it, you don’t make the person anymore depressed than they already are, and you cover your sadness with humour which is, I’ll admit, a defense mechanism. You keep all of the heart-felt things to the end. Though at the end I didn’t even say those things to you, Rachel. I think you already know. Also to be fair, we do have this still. We are still going to keep the blog up which means we will be forced, Rachel, to talk for years to come or however long this blog will last.

So readers, you will still read excellent blog posts from Rachel here. That is the wonder of the internet and Rachel, I’ll be chatting with you soon. I think you already know that I miss you and that you are my favourite tall person and favourite possible sister-in-law (hehe relax I’m joking, you haven’t gotten engaged at the 3 month mark so according to the Christian dating rules, you two are doomed. :P) Speak to you soon, Rach.


“I miss you too, Savvy, my best friend, my co-blogger, my boyfriend’s sister, my potential sister-in-law (!!!), my pastor’s daughter, my fellow American, and my beloved sister in Christ.” – Rachel



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