the Graduate Life

“What are you doing, Rachel?” She’s caught me, again.  Mom peers into my room and sees me Skyping my boyfriend for the second time that day. “You’re not getting anything done,” she says. She’s right.  I wrap up the conversation, go on my brother’s laptop, and apply to three jobs.  Then, for the hundredth time, I read the guidelines for applying to Iowa’s MFA creative … Continue reading the Graduate Life

Don’t Care, I’m Rare, Deal with it

When I took my first personality test and found out my result, I did not expect an ego-boost. I was morbidly curious and assumed that the test would be horribly wrong, awkwardly flattering and I would have a good laugh with my friend about it. Reading about my personality type INFJ was…surprisingly affirming. “I’m just a rare and complex personality type,” I will jokingly explain to my friends who … Continue reading Don’t Care, I’m Rare, Deal with it

I don’t want to go to church today

Photo by Jessy, my favorite professional photographer (as well as being the only one I know). I enter church with my confident stride and my casual smile. I got this. Church is my territory. I grew up in this culture and I know the unspoken rules here like the back of my hand. I sit down in my normal seat. In the space of sitting down however, I am transformed … Continue reading I don’t want to go to church today