Don’t Care, I’m Rare, Deal with it

When I took my first personality test and found out my result, I did not expect an ego-boost. I was morbidly curious and assumed that the test would be horribly wrong, awkwardly flattering and I would have a good laugh with my friend about it. Reading about my personality type INFJ was…surprisingly affirming. “I’m just a rare and complex personality type,” I will jokingly explain to my friends who may not understand where I’m coming from. I feel like though I have to constantly explain myself to people.

No, sorry I can’t do that thing. I’m exhausted. I’m introverting and no, that doesn’t mean I’m avoiding you, I’m just avoiding all human contact for the next 6 hours. Yeah… I tend to notice just about everything in a person. Oh I just creep you out, sorry, no wait, come back. That person is just doing that to get your attention. How do I know? I…just know. Well it umm so uhh I argguuhahah I can’t speak today. Can I just write down what I’m feeling/doing and just pass the note to you? Is that okay? 

If anything, I’m a little more self-aware. I have embraced that fact that I am a complete paradox and that is okay. I’m idealistic enough to want to change the world but realistic enough to know that will never happen. I’m sensitive so that means that I’m easily hurt and defensive but that I’m also compassionate. If you want me then I will love you to the ends of the earth. If you don’t want me or hurt me then I will slam the door on you so I don’t waste my emotions or energy.  So in one sense, finding out my personality type was a relief because it helped me untangle the emotional mess of me a bit. At the same time I use my personality as an excuse.

My door slam is a defense mechanism and that well-known verse of Jesus telling us to love our enemies doesn’t apply to here. Of course I totally know that that person is a jerk, he stinks of jerk, I will name and claim that and that well-known verse of Jesus telling us not to judge doesn’t apply to here. The excuses can go on and on. Absorbed in myself, never going out of my comfort zone, and never learning or growing, that is the consequence of me using my personality to do what I want to do. That is not helpful for my personal development or spiritual walk.

So, my take on personality tests and types? Use them, have fun with them, and embrace the quirks you recognize (you tell those haters, don’t care, I’m rare, deal with it). Don’t use your personality as an excuse to not do things that you don’t want to do. Get out of your comfort zone and grow in your weaknesses. Also Rachel, take the test so we can finally see if you get labelled as an extrovert or introvert because that is something that we have not solved yet.


“Omg, Savvy, don’t you know how personality tests are SO bogus?!  They’re like self-fulfilling prophecies.  I’d rather get my fortune told. 😛 Love you still!” – Rachel

Omg, Rachel, don’t care, I’m rare, deal with it. Lots of love- Savvy 

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