The Simple Things

So Rachel, you have already celebrated your Thanksgiving (Happy Belated Thanksgiving!) but for me, Thanksgiving doesn’t start until tomorrow because that’s when I’m going to celebrate it. So while you are enjoying your Black Friday (what do you do for Black Friday anyways?), my nose is still stuck in my books. This week has been manic. There is so much to do. Which is why … Continue reading The Simple Things

the Lonely People

If you’ve graduated from uni, then you know how strange it feels to suddenly not be surrounded by all your friends.  Maybe it’s different for you.  For me, I made the choice to go to college in England.  I don’t regret it at all.  But that meant that graduating meant going home to America and separating from my friends – notably, my fellow co-blogger, Savvy.  … Continue reading the Lonely People

Remember when I said I wouldn’t talk about politics?

It is the 10th of November, Wednesday morning and I’m driving to drop off my Dad to his office. We both work through our shock that Donald Trump is going to be the next President of United States, and this involves mostly talking. Through the traffic, I talk and talk about everything that Donald Trump has said and with every minute I mourn more and … Continue reading Remember when I said I wouldn’t talk about politics?