Remember when I said I wouldn’t talk about politics?

It is the 10th of November, Wednesday morning and I’m driving to drop off my Dad to his office. We both work through our shock that Donald Trump is going to be the next President of United States, and this involves mostly talking. Through the traffic, I talk and talk about everything that Donald Trump has said and with every minute I mourn more and more. I am reminded of everything that has happened this year in the United States, the violence and the division, the racism and sexism, and at the end I am world-weary.

“I just want justice to be done.” I said in a quiet voice.

“And it will be done. These are just labor pains.” He tried to comfort me.

Hmmm, ‘Donald Trump, you are a pain’, that would make an excellent blog title, I thought somewhat bitterly and that was the blog post I tried to write for Friday morning.

It didn’t work. I couldn’t do it. My words just came out wrong.

Then I realized something about myself this morning. I was in the wrong. 

You see, I got caught up in believing the power of politics, in the power of people, which was why I was in mourning. My guess is that’s the reason why some of you are in mourning as well. We had hope in humanity and humanity failed us. We had hope in America and America failed us.We had hope in politics and politics had failed us. If you have hope in Trump, please note that he too will fail you because he is flawed human being who has said terrible things which you cannot disregard.

Your hope is your god. My hope is my god. Your god Humanity will fail you. Your god Politics will fail you. Your god America will fail you. Your god Trump will fail you.

I don’t want to serve those gods. I am throwing them away and looking for another one. I’m looking for a hope that is permanent, a hope that does not fade or fail. I’m looking for a hope that states that man and woman are created equal and therefore have value. I’m looking for a hope that tells the truth. I’m looking for a hope that says that there will be a world made clean, where justice and mercy will reign, and these things that I mourn for here are just labour pains.

There is a Hope who tells me that I am wonderfully made. There is a Hope who asks me to love Him with all of my heart, mind, and soul. There is a Hope who stands up for the fatherless, the oppressed, the refugees, the poor, and the sinners. That is the Hope I want to serve. That is the Hope I choose.

So maybe you don’t have to run away to Canada, not yet. Donald Trump may be the next president but freedom hasn’t died yet. We need to have respect for the position but we don’t have to condone the actions or words of the person. You don’t have to throw away your conscience. Please continue to use your voice to stand up for what’s right. The Bible says to pray ‘for all men, for kings and all in authority..’ (1 Timothy 2: 1-2), and I turn to Jesus in prayer, simply because I have nowhere else to go. He is the Hope who won’t fail me.






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