The Simple Things

So Rachel, you have already celebrated your Thanksgiving (Happy Belated Thanksgiving!) but for me, Thanksgiving doesn’t start until tomorrow because that’s when I’m going to celebrate it. So while you are enjoying your Black Friday (what do you do for Black Friday anyways?), my nose is still stuck in my books. This week has been manic. There is so much to do. Which is why I’m simply writing you a blog post instead of messaging you what I’m going to write.

The definition of Thanksgiving (according to Google) is ‘an expression of gratitude, especially to God’ and that is what I like to do to prepare myself for Thanksgiving. I like to think about what I’m thankful for and yesterday I figured out what I’m thankful for.

Yesterday evening, it was my turn to go and help out at the soup run where I volunteer. My friend picked me up and our small band of volunteers came together, shivering in the cold darkness. As usual it was busy and as usual I felt like I didn’t do much. I made and dished out large amounts of soup and tried not to get anxious as a large body of people crowded around me and around the stall I was working at. The people asked politely for a hot drink, a cup of soup, and a sandwich. Men and women came up to me, asking for blankets or for any scarves or hats and my friends would give them what we had. Sometimes I get to have good conversations. Sometimes I get to have some weird conversations. I’ve realized that most of the people who come to soup run, besides needing food and something to warm them up, often just want to talk and want someone to listen to them. People get lonely.  Afterwords I went back to my house, where  I could see through the window the Christmas lights (yes we have our Christmas lights out now, don’t you judge me)  from our Christmas tree glowing. I slept in a comfortable bed, with lots of blankets on me, and I was warm and thankful.

Sometimes we forget about the simple things, the things that we take for granted. The simple fact that we have food, and not just simple sandwiches and soup-in-a-cup but good food to eat is a blessing. Rachel, you’re  probably reading this in your house, your home. We have a place where we can stay, a bed to sleep in. We have somewhere to go in order to rest when you are feeling tired. We have family around us. We have people who love us. We have a lot of things to be thankful for and yet these are the things that we forget. We take these thing for granted. So to end my blog post, I’m thankful for the simple things, for a house, a bed, and for family around me. Oh and I’m thankful for you too blog-buddy.

Happy Thanksgiving, Rachel.

Lots of love, Savvy


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