Savvy & Rachel Count their Blessings

1. Rachel: Her job at the local pub & grill

“I’m blessed to have such an awesome cast of coworkers in such a friendly, smalltown-America restaurant.  From the cooks and dishwashers whom I can punch and throw food at to the waitresses that help me when I’m confused, from the runners, bussers, and cohosts that make me laugh to the banquet servers who make every function a fun time, from the customers who help me get job opportunities and give me Coach purses to the best managers ever – this job has been more than just a way to fill my bank account.”

2. Savvy: Her peaceful home countries

“I live in between countries that are not torn by war. We have all been devastated – complaining – and we’re divided by events this year. Yet the countries I live in, despite their problems, are in relative peace. We don’t have to worry about warfare invading our homes, or fleeing our homes. I realise that is a blessing which I not only need to be aware of but it’s also something to motivate us to help others who are in those situations.”


3. Rachel: Wine

“I realize how depressing this sounds but… I needed this every day.”

4. Savvy: Food, just food

“You have no idea how many doughnuts and how much Mexican food I have consumed. American food is amazing.”

5. Rachel: A full house on Christmas

“In the house, we have [deep breath] my mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, uncle, older brother, and my friend, Miao, who’s visiting from England!  Not to mention in a week’s time, my boyfriend’s visiting!  So there’s going to be a lot of company this season which is how I like it.  All that’s missing is you, Savvy.”

6. Savvy: Going back to America and not “stumbling”

“The moment you realise that you have lost a home, there is an ache, a mourning that comes with that. It can stay there for years and years so each time you go back to a place you lost, you go back and stumble on ‘I want to be here’ and this time around I’ve gone back to California, thinking ‘this is where I used to be’ – so I’ve come back and not stumbled.”

7. Rachel: Her church

“In one of my blog posts, ‘Being the New Girl,’ I must’ve sounded like I resented my small, Christian Reformed church in a town far away.  But I have come to see it as a massive blessing.  I have enjoyed the traditional services with their beautiful hymnals.  I have enjoyed dipping into a different community.  And, okay, I do like getting attention for being the only young person there.”

Women’s Christmas Tea Party at Church
8. Savvy: People

“I am assured that I am valued and wanted by the people around me. The assurances from my parents and the older people in my life that they are so, so proud of me. The family and I loudly interacting with each other. The people who hasten to tell me on social media or face to face to assure me that I am welcomed and wanted in both countries. Even your insistence, Rachel, that I come and see you soon is a blessing. It’s a reminder that I’m not forgotten and that I’m wanted.”

Savvy & the Siblings
9. Rachel: Random people

“Even though I’m still the new girl and don’t have friends here, I still have developed good relationships with random people.  A lady from a church that I once visited had me over for lunch and tea.  My mom’s painting friends are always happy to chat with me and show me their art.  I got to have coffee and hang out with someone from work.  It’s a tentative start to building a network but I’ve been blessed with my random people.”

10. Savvy: Love

“‘Truly God taught us to love one other…and in His name all oppression shall cease.’ The verses in that old Christmas hymn are not just nice words but truth. They are hope. God’s blessing to us is Love. And when we love the enslaved, the oppressed, the lonely, and the displaced, healing begins. We are assured that all oppression shall cease, because his Gospel is peace and it extends to all mankind. Our world is collectively affected by each other and one day will be collectively healed. This blessing is not just for me but it’s for you as well. This is the blessing of Christmas. This is what Christmas is about: God’s favour and protection.”


Merry Christmas from Savvy & Rachel! ❤





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