The Dating App for Interesting Christians

Are you tired of the same old Christian bachelors and bachelorettes at church every day?  Do you wish you could meet someone who shares your faith but is also edgy, cool, and interesting?  Look no further than EDGE the dating app for interesting Christians.  Savvy and I have designed a system that will help you find your Adam or Eve who is also super, super edgy.

To sign up, your future spouse must complete a brief questionnaire to determine their level of edginess.  They must love to do at least one of the following:

  • Skydiving
  • Crowd surfing
  • Belly-dancing
  • Drinking tequila on the front porch at four in the afternoon
  • Skiing
  • Debate Team

Each answer measures the degree to which your future spouse is considered edgy and interesting.  For example, they must be interested in talking about at least one of the following topics:

  • Cults (edgy)
  • Euthanasia (pretty edgy)
  • Fetishes (that’s fairly edgy)
  • Clubbing (I guess that’s edgy)
  • Temptation (yeah, edgy)
  • The Old Testament (Whoa.  Edg-ee)

But of course, your future spouse must be a Christian otherwise, what’s the point of this app, am I right?  However, it makes a difference to determine what kind of Christian they are.  That way you can save time and make assumptions about their character and personality.  They must identify themselves as one of the following:

  • Christian and Feminist
  • Christian and Calvinist
  • Christian and reddit-user
  • Christian and Evangelical
  • Christian and Democrat


If you’re tired of Christian girls who just want to stay in and watch God’s Not Dead on a Friday night or if you’re falling asleep from listening to Christian suitors talk about the different brands of cranberry juice they have to taste and choose from for communion, then EDGE the Dating App for Interesting Christians is for you.

Savvy and I understand that love is about being swept off your feet and, in the case of a swordfish-eating, hitchhiking, social-justice-warrior-Christian riding a Ducati, that might literally be the case!  We care about you being off the rails and leading an exciting, interesting, cool, and impeccably edgy life – via your relationship.

A relationship is about living the life that you want to lead – oh and I guess also about following what God wants you to do.  And passing up a night out to read the Bible and pray.  And I guess to go to bed early on Saturday to wake up for church the next day.  And I suppose centering your relationship on God is good too.

But don’t worry, we also care about that.  Really, we do.



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