Vision for Writing

I need a vision in order to move on. I need to have a destination planned. However,  I need a destination planned with a somewhat vague route to follow, which has many turns that I can take. In literature I have developed my own set of “rules”, open-ended directions if you will. As a reader, I now know the kind of writing that grabs me the most. Similarly as a writer, I have developed my own style, a vision if you like, in what I would like my writing to accomplish. I’m still an amateur who bulks at anything that might inhibit my writing but after years of practicing, this is my creative vision. This is what I want my writing to be.

Writing should be approachable. Know your audience, is what I have heard from experts. Though this is useful for school and academic writing, I don’t think this applies to creative writing. I don’t want to write for only one group of people. I don’t want to assume the mind of the reader. I don’t want to think too deeply about who is reading my words. It’s easier to narrow it down to this; The reader is not dumb and the reader is not an academic. Whatever I write, it has to be accessible to the intellectual and abstract reader to the practical no-nonsense doer. Forget about all of the pretenses, all of the hype and bile. Language should be surprising, beautiful, creative, yes but it also has to be believable. I want to write approachable poetry and natural prose.

Writing should be quirky. Honestly, language is so fun and it is meant to be used for fun.  Words should have a surprising effect. Words should make you laugh out loud. I want to startle, flirt, subtly engage in a war with the reader with my words. Good writing should engage the reader instantly. The quirks in texts should draw you in, should cause the reader to think about the material more. This is the point of language after all. We use language to engage and communicate with ourselves and each other.

Writing should be thoughtful and felt. Writing combines two elements, logic and emotion. Writing should have that intellect with passion. We don’t have to trade one for the other. Sometimes we turn good writing into bland writing by removing passion out of thought, emotion out of logic. There should be a texture of emotion. There should be the feel of common-sense logic. If writing should be honest about one thing then it should be about our thoughts and feelings. Since this is the way we see the human world, reflected in our characters, plots and ideals. Our thoughts and feelings reflect human nature; and shows that we are restless for a better existence.

These directions is all part of my theory in needing some sort of vision to go on. These are my open-ended creative visions leading to..something I can’t fully see yet. There is a constant and vast valley of creativity, hiding so many possibilities. All that is left now is seeing if I can accomplish it.


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