That One Time I Went Christian Speed Dating

What’s it like to go speed dating? Guest blogger Missy Montgomery has the scoop:

Who knew ten minutes could actually feel like ten years?

Have you ever agreed to plans with your friend, but then find yourself wishing to back out as the day approached? Yeah, me too.

When my friend first asked if I wanted to sign up and do a speed dating event with her, I accepted the invitation with no hesitation. For starters, it sounded fun and it was exclusively for single Christian professionals in my age range.

Single Christian men? Sign me up!

However, on the day of the event I found myself in a panic. What am I doing? I’ve only been on one date in my entire life and now I was about to go on eight in one day? It sounded exhausting. And awkward. And so not me. But, I didn’t want to back out and leave my friend, especially when she was just as nervous as I was.

So, with a prayer and a short pep talk that I gave myself in my rear-view mirror, I headed towards the restaurant with buckling knees and shaking hands.

I’ve been told I’m a catch (thanks mom), but even the tiniest of compliments wasn’t going to calm the butterflies swirling around like a tornado in my stomach.

When we reached the patio of the restaurant where the event was being held, we were directed to a small table and handed a sheet of paper with ten blank lines to rate our dates throughout the night. An act that was so incredibly distracting and to be perfectly honest, rude.

In fact, one of my dates even asked me to pause mid-sentence in order for him to jot down notes about me. What? Was this a date or a job interview? Because in that moment I couldn’t decipher the two.

As the night wore on, my once nervous energy evaporated, question after question. By the fourth failed date, I decided to have more fun with the situation. I started by making up jobs. Rather than telling them what I really did for a living, I answered with off-the-wall occupations.

My favorite? I was a fire-arm instructor. Which my date proceeded to answer with, “Whoa you got the big guns! Look out.”

Speaking of jobs, I’m pretty sure one of my dates was in the mafia. But that’s another story.

Despite my initial anxiety, the night wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Did I find a connection with any of my dates? No, but I did have a few good laughs and a better understanding of time.

In life, I’m not going to be restricted by a time-frame to achieve my dreams or to find love. God lives outside the bounds of time as we know it. My destiny was planned before the beginning of time and I have a great deal of comfort knowing that God is in every moment with me, not just ten fleeting minutes.

So even if it takes ten minutes, ten weeks, or ten years, I’m not giving up on finding love. With God in complete control, I trust that He will bring me the one that I continuously pray for on His time, not mine.



Missy Montgomery is a former NCAA pitcher and future judge on Cupcake Wars. As a Florida native, she enjoys spending her time outdoors running, fishing and catching rays at the beach. When she isn’t binge-watching One Tree Hill, you can find her fully engrossed in a good book. Follow her on Instagram at missyblaine and Twitter @missyblaine

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