Savvy and Rachel’s Greatest Hits (So Far)

Hey guys, it’s me, Savvy, this week! During the holidays, Rachel and I like to team up and write our blog posts together (#SavvyandRachelSeries). Last week, Rachel and I talked about all of the personal change in our lives. It’s weird to think about all of the things has happened.

Remember in the early days, this blog was called ‘One, Not Two’ (read about it here) or ‘Tall Girl, Short Girl’ (gosh, we’ve had so many names)? Back then, Rachel and I lived in the same country and often went to each other’s house to write our blog posts and other projects for a week. That was two years ago. Two freaking years ago. That is a lot of blog posts.

So in honour of change and in honour of the season of reflection before the New Year starts, Rachel and I will be sharing our ‘greatest’ hits (so far). These hits not only include our blog posts that had the most views and likes, but also our personal favourites. These are the blog posts that we are most proud of. Without further ado, here they are.

Yo, Rachel here. My writing is in italics. Just so you know. Wouldn’t want you to miss out on my writing. I am wonderful. 

1. Honestly This is Church – This was my third blog post so I was still going through the phase of being terrified every time I pushed the ‘publish’ button. This blog post is still close to my heart. Being in church is an emotional investment and regardless of all the struggles I’ve had over the years, I’m still quietly convinced that church is important and valuable in my walk of faith, as well as being valuable in other’s walks of faith.

2. Manic Pixie Churchgirl – This still resonates with me. Not to start on a negative note, but I still feel like guys initially conceptualize me as this high-on-life girl who will add color to their mundane, churchboy lives. (Probably because I am high on life—but that’s beside the point.) Being pinned as someone’s dream girl makes me feel like the shiny new toy. Because it’s all temporary. I give credit to the people who stick around after the shine wears off and they see me for who I am. Infatuation? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

3. Me Too: Why Speaking Up is Important – I decided to write about this issue of sexual harassment and assault after a sleepless night thinking of all of my friends’ usage of the #MeToo as well as my own experience. Again, it was terrifying to push that ‘publish’ button. I wasn’t sure how it would be received. With this blog post, I wanted to address the drawbacks that people have when speaking up about sexual harassment or assault, but that also it was important to speak up anyways. I was so moved by all of the positive and thoughtful feedback that I received. Again, this one is close to my heart.

4. Homesick for Norwich – That time I had a panic attack. So many words about reading this in retrospect. All I will say is, I think I was onto something when I talked about needing to get out of my “Norwich shell.” (Norwich, England being the place where I went to college.) I still terribly miss England but I also need to grow, and what better way to grow than to go outside my comfort zone? Someday, Florida (where I live now) will become my comfort zone and it will be advantageous for me to leave and go on the next scary adventure. But for now, I’m still planting roots 😉 

5. I Am (Not) a Victim – I like this blog post, mostly because this idea of moving on is essential to me and how I view my mental health, my words, and my actions. I don’t want to be stuck in sickness. I don’t want to be stuck in failure. I will mess up, hurt other people, and make mistakes because I am a broken human being. However, I can move forward, one step at the time and do the next best thing.

6. Hungover At Church – Ahhh…back when I carried around this postmodern notion that our emotions are just what we show to ourselves. I still stand by the bulk of what I said. But recently, I’ve been more mindful of being honest to myself about what I inevitably feel. I might put up a façade in front of you, but I don’t want to put one up in front of my own psyche. That’s just messed up, ya know?

7. Identity Crisis – I was just doing my usual, overthinking about a concept; in this case identity and how complex my identity is. You can’t know someone truly by 5 minutes of conversation. People are like onions (Shrek anyone?). We have multiple layers, tangents, and worldviews that shape us into who we are.

8. Christian AND Feminist? – That time when my friend introduced me to feminist theology. (Shout out to Katie!) But I lean more into what I articulated in part two of this blog. I still stand by the principle that my body doesn’t belong to anyone else (i.e. men). But I can’t believe that my body belongs to myself which is what a lot of feminists I know use to justify their choices. My body belongs to God (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) and therefore, what I do with it depends on what the Bible teaches. To quote Savvy: “Feminism is freedom from other people. Christianity is freedom from ourselves.”

9. Not Yet – I’m possibly most proud of this piece. This blog post is about a time when I was feeling world-weary, choking on the fear of an uncertain future. Yet, I think it’s important to keep an eye out for glimpses of light in the dark and uncertian times. There is hope in shadowy places still.

10. Christian Dating Probably my favorite post. I’m still obsessed with “relationship science,” binge-listening to the Guys We F*cked podcast and episodes of Where Should We Begin? by Esther Perel. At the same time, this blog post reminds me that, in the midst of my “research,” I need to remember how the most underrated tool in dating—and in anything else for that matter—is prayer.

At the end of day, it’s not about how many views or likes we got. It’s not about the feedback we receive or don’t receive. At the end of the day, this blog is showcasing our ever-changing thoughts as well as others. It is a platform of ideas and struggles.

It is a platform for Rachel and I, as much as it is a platform to you, as a reader. We present and give feedback. We consider and sometimes change our minds. We are constantly in process, refining and repeating. We repeat and repeat until we learn. Our ‘greatest’ hits not only lie in our writing but in the process behind the writing. How we came to the idea influences the words written.

The comments and feedback given to us influenced these greatest hits. It shows us which blog posts made the most impact on others and those are the blog posts to be proud of. Our writing needs to be relational. We need to speak and listen to one another, rather than at one another.

Thank you for all of your support. See you in 2018. -Savvy

Happy New Year, my Savvy! Oh, and everyone else. -Rachel


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