Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

I’m in a transition period of moving, where I am organising, recycling and giving away my things before packing them away. I’m doing this with (at this date of time) nowhere to go. My own space is gone, and I’m looking at new places to establish new roots in. It is disconcerting to say the least.

Well, this is what happens when you leave your comfort zone, eh?

While leaving your comfort zone is as much of a secular message in today’s society, I also sees the connotations in my own spiritual walk. This is a part of the cost to follow Jesus. At the very least in our Western society where there is religious freedom, you will leave behind what is comfortable.

Jesus calls us to move out of our comfort zone, in that He calls us to pick up our cross and follow Him to become His disciple ( Luke 14: 26). To be a disciple is to listen and obey where and when God tells you to go. You learn quickly that often you are to go where you don’t want to go.

To follow Him means saying no to myself, to consider others above my state of comfort, to humble and not exalt myself. It is to go to the unknown, dark and dangerous places, to the hidden wretchedness of our worlds. It is to love and love and love without receiving anything in return, to be poured out entirely. There is a sacrifice of your old dreams. There is no glamour to revering what is used as a swear word in our society today.

However, this is where I learn, as I pick up my cross, and as I take steps forward. Our exodus from the comfort zone is successful when we realise how complacent and still we were in our old comfort zones and become bold and active.  We are given new dreams as we sacrifice the old ones. That is when the change begins to happen.

I’m learning to do so means to continually humble myself and to confess and turn away from sin. To move out of my comfort zone is to admit my imperfections.

I’m learning constantly by pursuing this God of mine and getting as close to Jesus as possible, with my questions, my fears, and my wonder at His seemingly-paradoxical nature. Constantly reliving and realising that I am broken but Christ is whole. We are always learning and leaving our comfort zones. It should be an everyday reality and not a rare occasion.

Our reward for leaving the comfort zone is not personal growth though. It is Jesus, who stands before you and me, eyes piercing and soul-searching. He is able to meet the needs of the refugee but not of the fulfilled (Luke 2:17). That is when we go out of the comfort zones, when we realise that we are nothing more than spiritual refugees.

Jesus is waiting for us in the valley, out of our comfort zones. So that is where I am going, to the place where He is found and where I can be found.

❤ Savvy

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