Before You Go, You Wait

Why does God call you to go, but before you go, you wait?

That is what I am doing; waiting, waiting, and waiting. Taking a few steps forward, and then waiting again.

To all of you who are wondering, I’m still involved in a church plant. I am still moving to the Norfolk Coast to put down temporary roots and serve the local community, but not much visible process has happened. The honest answer of I’m waiting seems to draw confusion out of people. Why are you waiting?

Because I’m not meant to go yet. The door hasn’t opened fully. There are still puzzle pieces to fall into place.

Again, it seems rather confusing. Why would you wait after you’re told to go? 

I have a feeling that this process of waiting after the call is far more common than the supernatural rush of going somewhere straight away. There are reasons for that, many of which are personal and individual to each circumstance. I think I know the reasons for mine.

For one, I’m not ready.

I need to wait because there is a need for me to wait. I am being sanctified in the behind-the-scenes. As followers of Christ, we are constantly being sanctified in the behind scenes of living in Christ. However, there is something unique in the process of waiting that adds to this.

I am forced to see my brokenness on display. I have to acknowledge it. I have to allow it to be crumbled, to be destroyed completely. It is the process of the old becoming obsolete and the new becoming present. There is a time to plant and a time to pluck what has been planted; a time to break down and a time to build up; a time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones (Ecclesiastes 3: 2b, 3b, 5a). These are the needed processes in the time of waiting. This is what is happening now.

For two, to allow these needful processes, I need to surrender completely.

Stretch out your faith muscles. It is time to plant soul-fulfilling truth and pluck out soul-destroying lies. You’re pulling but it is time to stay put. You’re pushing when you need to wait for the prod. This is what I am learning. This requires surrender.

I have no idea why I’m waiting, but the Lord does. I am surrendering for a victory, waiting to step forward in active pursuit. Waiting has the external shell of passivity but has the internal organs of vitality.

Why does God call you to go, but before you go, you wait? 

There are bigger and holier processes going on, which goes beyond yourself. You have to surrender before you go. You cannot see and cannot know the bigger picture. Your perception is limited to outward appearance and a shallow knowledge of factors like culture and society. Jesus sees the inner life of each individual, the community of each town, and has an infinite understanding of all that confuses us. He knows the bigger and holier processes which is beyond you. He is working all things for His glory, and for that you have to be patient. You have to trust.

Before you go, you have to wait.


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