Goodbye to Savvy & Rachel

Oh my. Savannah, it’s been FOUR YEARS. What is happening.

Well, technically Rachel, it’s been nearly three years and half of writing here on this blog, but OH MY GOSH YES, where has the time gone by? Also, I hate to break the fourth wall here, but I feel as if we need to address the readers here in this conversation. 

Hello, readers. This is for you as well as for us. This is us saying goodbye to the blog (wow okay, that sounds way too dramatic and poetic, Rachel. Help me out here).

Hello. This is Rachel in Roman font. (Savvy’s in italics, duh.) So I guess we should start with why we are stopping Savvy & Rachel. The truth is: Savvy and I are getting a divorce. Yes, it’s true.

Just kidding.

Savvy and I love each other very much. But over the past couple of months, we both came to the conclusion that Savvy & Rachel has reached its natural end.

Why? Don’t get me wrong, I still like to blog. You can still catch my writing on my site It’s just that…I don’t know. Savvy, maybe you’re the one with the stronger reason. Why end Savvy & Rachel?

Let me be clear, I love writing still. I still dream and scheme of published novels and books of poetry bearing my name. I wrote somewhere on this blog about how writing has always been my confessional and my therapy. It still is, but lately because my writing has been more therapeutic and confessional, I’m limited in what I can write and what I can publish. I can’t be vulnerable on this format at this moment of time.

This blog, which was meant to be a haven for different thoughts and ideas, has become personal to me and Rachel. We share a lot here. This was so needed for the Savvy three and half years ago, who needed a kick in the butt to be more confident, to let loose some of the ideas brewing in her mind, and to actively practice writing and receiving feedback on a semi-regular basis.

This blog has taught me confidence, which is what I needed in the time.

However, I don’t need this anymore. Not really, and what has enabled me in the past is beginning to limit me now, and that is okay. Because this points to growth and change. Because everything has a natural end, and that doesn’t mean the end of everything but only the end of a season.

Also Savvy and Rachel the blog is getting the divorce. Not Savvy and Rachel, the living and breathing humans, friends, and forever writing-buddies. It’s just a new season in our friendship, and I need to live through it not in the public space of social media and blog sites. 

You hear that, Rachel? You’re still in many ways my best blogging-buddy, my best philosophising friend, and the one person I trust to understand and critique my writing, which is the highest honour that I can give to you.

I feel very honored/honoured, Savvy. And yes, we’ve often spilled our guts on this blog post. (And yes, I have gotten in trouble for it in the past.)

For me, blogging has taught me the following three things:

  1. The best blog posts are the ones that are so personal and vulnerable that you have to play Confident by Demi Lovato before you press ‘Publish.’
  2. That I guess I do have opinions on things. Who’da thunk?
  3. Readers love listicles.

Most of all, I’ve learned how, seriously, God dropped a blessing square on my head when Savvy entered my life.

What’s more, we have this blog to chart our growth over the years.

And I see, Savvy, how you’ve become wiser and wiser and, to quote Alice in Wonderland, curiouser and curiouser as the blog grew. I’m so excited for how that will play out in your creative writing.

Gosh, I miss you so much.

And to our dear readers, thank you for reading—wasn’t expecting you to do that.

Well my Savvy, any last thoughts?

This blog and everyone who has read it has been instrumental in ways which you cannot know. So thank you to you readers, and I’m thankful for this little corner which will always be here lost somewhere in the internet. 

To my dear Rach, guurrl, I miss you so much too. You have no idea of how much your friendship means to me, and I know that it will continue on still. It was never dependent on a blog. I’ll send you another sleepy voice message soon, and I want to hear more voice messages from you. I want to hear about anything new in your life.

We have both learned the importance of embracing new seasons through blogging about so many changes. It’s time to take a deep breathe and start moving on. It’s time to embrace this new season. We have far more things up ahead on the horizon.

Love you forever.

-Savvy & Rachel

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