Our Vision

“The vision, oh the vision, I have this theory that everyone has a vision of where they’ll end up. That doesn’t mean that they have a plan exactly but my theory is that everyone has an idea of where they want to end up, who they want to be, etc. etc.

Another theory of mine is that a vision is needed. After all where are we going with this? What’s the point? The what, the how, and the why, so what is the what, the how, and the why?” – Savvy


…want to write on what concerns us as Christians, as young women in this generation, as aspiring writers, and as hopelessly fallible human beings

This is where we (that is Rachel – she’s the tall one – and Savvy – the short one) sit down, write and discuss many things .

…want to write on what concerns others as well, those from all backgrounds

But you’ll still read things that are personal to us, things that we have observed and are going through, funny stories, all that jazz.

…encourage creativity because it is important to us

How did we get from being just friends to writing together?  Well writing is something that we are passionate about.  We are both writers and I guess 1 writer + another writer = writing.  Oh my goodness.  No way.

…believe in the value of considering both sides of a story, of questioning things and discussing things

Let’s be honest, we are young, kind of stupid, and maybe will change our minds.

…will try to be objective in our writing because we have certainty in Christ, not in our own opinions

But I mean, we’ll still make our own opinions.  It doesn’t mean we’ll be right.

…are not fighting against others in our views – not even with each other

Even though the two of us will disagree, fight or throw food at each other or something like that, we still have that bond that we both see Jesus as the foundation for our life and nothing else.

…are fighting against the sin in us

And oh boya, is there a lot of sin!

…see Jesus through His word

Believe it or not, some people don’t.  We are not those people.

…recognise that life can leave us dissatisfied but that is okay

Who said feeling restless and not happy with the world was an abnormal thing?   Fortunately, something in that restlessness has spilled out and caused us to write words.  Before this, we didn’t really have a platform for these words.

…know we don’t belong here and were ‘made for another world’

Copyright C.S. Lewis.

…hope you like our blog!

Join us as we talk about Christianity, writing, and, you know, just human stuff.  (We are sooo articulate). We’re really excited to be doing this – as well as being absolutely terrified.  We want to hear from you so please don’t be shy!

-Rachel and Savvy

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