Rambles: C.S. Lewis and Friends

Dear Rachel (and Readers) Remember, Rachel, when we kept up-to-date with each other concerning books that we were reading? Remember the multiple times we took turns ranting and rambling on about the books we read or were forced to read, loved or hated or sometimes both? In honor of that spirit, I wanted to ramble about a book that I just finished reading called The … Continue reading Rambles: C.S. Lewis and Friends

How to be Friends with an Atheist

Are you tired of your Christian friends?  Do you wish you knew someone who doesn’t agree with some of every single thing you believe?  Are you looking for someone to challenge and question you?  Well, look no further than your own Atheist Best Friend (ABF).  Having an ABF offers many benefits and here are a few guidelines to how to make the most of your friendship. You … Continue reading How to be Friends with an Atheist


I qualify for a ‘churched’ kid. I was gradually conditioned from Day 1 to believe in God and it feels like it’ll take a paradigm shift to get me to unbelieve it.  I guess that makes me churched.  And like most churched kids, my ‘testimony’ is the clichéd learning-to-own-my-faith story, as in I eventually adopted my family’s faith sincerely as my own. Unsurprisingly, that transformation … Continue reading God-and-Me