What I Like About Myself the Most

Earlier this week, I blogged on sanfordcoffee.com about how volunteering for Palate Coffee Brewery improved my confidence. And I wanted to go further into something. Particularly about how it’s been a pattern in my life to hear people say: “Rachel, you don’t talk much.” Honestly, I hear that ALL the time. My friend tells me, “You don’t ever have to worry about talking about yourself … Continue reading What I Like About Myself the Most

An American in Brexit

The world has been shaken!  Everybody’s talking about it.  I’m waking up every morning, dreaming about traveling far away.  I’m reminded every time a car exhibits road rage.  I’m reassured by the promise of a new adventure.  Things have changed big time, my beloved co-blogger Savvy, because…drum roll please… you got your license!  Clouds part, angels sing – pack your bags, Sav, this calls for … Continue reading An American in Brexit

Confident Girl

“Guys.” I bolt back out of my bedroom and call to my housemates. “My laptop’s gone.” So the last time it was my turn to post a blog, I wrote about my first week (first 3 days, really) in Cardiff, Wales and how it was an unpredictable, sometimes-fun-sometimes-overwhelming adventure. Well, the adventure didn’t end there. My two housemates and I linger in the room, my eyes … Continue reading Confident Girl

My 1st Week in Cardiff, Wales

So I got an internship in Cardiff, Wales for the month of June.  So far, so good. Day 1 It’s not over-packing when you brought a pot, pan, duvet, and basically anything you need to live in an empty house on your own.  I heave a massive, loaded suitcase, singing a song from Anastasia under my breath (“Heart, don’t fail me now.  Courage, don’t desert … Continue reading My 1st Week in Cardiff, Wales