Savvy & Rachel’s Top 10 Christmas Traditions

It’s the time of the year again when age-old family traditions come out and when innovative traditions are created. Our thoughts and beliefs are played out in action, with the embracing of rituals and symbolism. This is according to the Webster dictionary, where tradition is “the inherited, established, or customary pattern, thought, action, or behaviour”. These are the rituals that I followed religiously as a kid. However, … Continue reading Savvy & Rachel’s Top 10 Christmas Traditions

Give Me Real Christianity

He’s a world-renowned evangelist. Millions of people have become Christians because of him. That should sound inspiring to me. Instead, I sit in the thousand-seater church, picking at a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich, and mentally consider my dessert options for afterwards. Donuts To Go or an Oreo McFlurry? I know what’s coming: an altar call. I dislike altar calls. I find them confrontational and emotionally-manipulative. (Read more about … Continue reading Give Me Real Christianity