I Don’t Want To Be A Christian Writer

Not that I necessarily want to start on a negative note, but I don’t want to be a ‘Christian’ writer. And yes, I am aware that I’m currently co-writing on a blog where both Rachel and I write (a lot) about Christianity, whining that gosh-darn-it I don’t want to be a Christian writer. Irony is my best friend at the moment. However, that doesn’t change … Continue reading I Don’t Want To Be A Christian Writer

Manic Pixie Churchgirl

So!  A few weeks ago, I introduced a new app that Savvy and I are designing called EDGE, the Dating App for Interesting Christians.  Basically, it was in response to a handful of my friends (admittedly, mostly guys) who expressed how they want to meet a Christian girl – but a really cool, interesting Christian girl. Honestly, I understand this COMPLETELY.  When I was single, … Continue reading Manic Pixie Churchgirl

Prince Charming in Christian Fiction

So Rachel, while you are busy in Massachusetts doing things like starting that travel blog thing (gosh, Rachel, what is that about? I thought we had something special), I have been ranting as usual to a select few people. Do you remember that time when I confessed to you that I used to love Christian Fiction when I was a preteen and that turned into us ranting … Continue reading Prince Charming in Christian Fiction