What Living in England Taught Me

“If you want to show your English friends that you’re trying to embrace the culture, here’s what you do…” The speaker at international students’ orientation pauses for dramatic effect. We lean forward and she says: “Have a drink in your hand.” When I moved to England, I wanted to acclimate to the culture. Looking back, I now know that a country’s culture is a moving … Continue reading What Living in England Taught Me

What I’ve Learned From My Friendship With Savvy

“Wait. WHAT?” I nearly spit out my coffee. Savvy’s pixelated face nods at me over Skype. “I blogged about it,” she says. “I DIDN’T KNOW THIS…which post?” I ask. “The one about #MeToo,” Savvy says. “It was called—” But my mind is already traveling back, way back, way before the #MeToo movement, like three years back… When I first met Savvy, I was like, oh, … Continue reading What I’ve Learned From My Friendship With Savvy

Why God Lets Me Feel Lonely

If on a lazy Sunday afternoon, you happen to be at a wine cellar in suburban Florida, sharing a cheese platter with your friends on the open-air patio, you may see a twentysomething girl hunkered in the corner by herself, slurping on bottomless mimosas and scribbling things down in her OfficeMax notebook. Psst…that’s me. For your information, I have an abundance of friends and an … Continue reading Why God Lets Me Feel Lonely

Why Discipleship Weirds Me Out

I like to think I’ve encountered my fair share of quirky Christian trends. 24-hour prayer sessions. Pre-wedding lingerie parties. Haunted houses that bring people to Jesus (no, seriously, that’s a thing). But one of the many buzzwords that has stumped me is discipleship. “Discipleship is teaching biblical precepts, while modeling and guiding others toward living righteously as followers of Jesus Christ. This should be a … Continue reading Why Discipleship Weirds Me Out

How I Feel About My Life Now

Saturday afternoon. Late. Like 5ish. I roll over in bed at the dregs of my nap, gaze out my bedroom, straight into the lounge. Glowsticks in place. Non-alcoholic wine lining the fridge. A drizzle outside to rinse out the Florida air. In two hours, my friends will be here, filling my apartment with noise. I’m ready. When Savvy and I wrote our end-of-year blog post … Continue reading How I Feel About My Life Now

What I Like About Myself the Most

Earlier this week, I blogged on sanfordcoffee.com about how volunteering for Palate Coffee Brewery improved my confidence. And I wanted to go further into something. Particularly about how it’s been a pattern in my life to hear people say: “Rachel, you don’t talk much.” Honestly, I hear that ALL the time. My friend tells me, “You don’t ever have to worry about talking about yourself … Continue reading What I Like About Myself the Most

We Need to Talk About Our Friendship

Why did I move to Florida? I’m sitting in the parking lot outside my friend’s apartment, browning under the sun’s hot breath. My fingers pick at Publix sushi that’s gone slimy. Orlando is wet, sticky, violent. It’s the place where you learn the contours of your body through sweaty shorts and tank tops.* Except, I’m wearing long pants. Why did I wear long pants? And … Continue reading We Need to Talk About Our Friendship