You Sound Like An Atheist

“May God bless you,’ the old lady told me. As she walked away, I exchanged a look with my dad, a look that read: That was weird. I’ve said this before in my blog. For most of my life, I grew up in a Christian Reformed Church—think hymns, creeds, pastors in long robes, Dutch Calvinists—and until going to college and transitioning to an expressive evangelical … Continue reading You Sound Like An Atheist

Don’t Care, I’m Rare, Deal with it

When I took my first personality test and found out my result, I did not expect an ego-boost. I was morbidly curious and assumed that the test would be horribly wrong, awkwardly flattering and I would have a good laugh with my friend about it. Reading about my personality type INFJ was…surprisingly affirming. “I’m just a rare and complex personality type,” I will jokingly explain to my friends who … Continue reading Don’t Care, I’m Rare, Deal with it